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“Education is a precondition to survival in America today.” – Marian Wright Edelman
“Education is a precondition to survival in America today.” – Marian Wright Edelman

The Cause: As of 2011, California's high school dropout rate was 18.2 percent. This trend is more drastic in the San Francisco Bay Area. For example only 53 percent of Oakaland's high school student graduate in four years. (NBC Bay Area)

The Scope: Education experts working in the San Francisco Bay Area were asked to recommend up to four nonprofits and up to two promising start-up organizations making a significant impact in Bay Area education. Experts were asked to consider nonprofits serving pre-k – high school student working in a variety of capacities in the sector. These include after-school programming, child development, college preparation, curriculum development, data collection, literacy, low-performing schools, parental involvement, school readiness, school reform, standards, summer programming, the achievement gap and more. Organizations recommended could approach the issue through direct service, advocacy, research, and school instruction.

99 Local Education experts recommended the following 17 outstanding nonprofits.
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Top Nonprofit Mission
1 Medal-small-2012 New Teacher Center
New Teacher Center (NTC) is a national non-profit dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers and school leaders. NTC works with schools districts, state policymakers, and educators across the country to develop and implement induction programs aligned with district learning goals. NTC induction programs include one-on-one mentoring and professional development, all taking place within school environments that support new teachers.
2 Medal-small-2012 Aspire Public Schools
Aspire aims to open and operate small, high-quality charter schools in low-income neighborhoods in order to:

-Increase the academic performance of diverse students -Develop effective educators -Catalyze change in public schools -Share successful practices with other forward-thinking educators

3 Medal-small-2012 College Track
College Track's mission is to close the achievement gap and create college-going cultures for students who are historically and currently underrepresented in higher education.
4 Medal-small-2012 Education Pioneers
Extraordinary change requires extraordinary people. Education Pioneers' mission and work rests on a fundamental belief that smart investments in leadership generate significant returns. We believe that for schools, districts, and systems to enable all children to achieve at high levels, we must focus on effective teaching and the quality of leadership and management of these schools, districts, and systems. Teachers and principals operate within a larger education ecosystem. Having outstanding leaders and managers running that ecosystem is necessary to attract, develop, and retain effective teachers and principals in high-performing schools serving low-income students and to ensure strong and consistent system-wide results.

Education Pioneers is one of the only organizations focused directly on building the pipeline of leadership and management talent for positions outside the classroom. With this focus, Education Pioneers is an important and direct talent pipeline into critical executive leadership positions.

5 Medal-small-2012 Rocketship Education
The mission of Rocketship Edication is to eliminate the achievement gap within our lifetime.
6 Medal-small-2012 Partners in School Innovation
Partners in School Innovation’s mission is to transform teaching and learning in the lowest-performing public schools so that every student, regardless of background, thrives.
7 Medal-small-2012 Children Now
The mission of Children Now is to find common ground among influential opinion leaders, interest groups, and policymakers, who together can develop and drive socially innovative, “win-win” approaches to helping all children achieve their full potential.
7 Medal-small-2012 Lighthouse Community Charter School
The mission of the Lighthouse Community Charter School is to prepare a diverse, K-12th grade student population for college and the career of their choice by equipping each child and youth with the skills, knowledge, and tools to become a self-motivated, competent, lifelong learner.
8 Medal-small-2012 First Graduate
First Graduate's mission is to help young people finish high school and become the first in their families to graduate from college.
9 Medal-small-2012 KIPP Bay Area Schools
The mission of KIPP Bay Area Schools is to operate high-achieving public schools in educationally underserved communities, developing in our students the knowledge, skills, and character essential to thrive in college, shape their futures, and positively impact the world.
10 Medal-small-2012 Downtown College Prep
Downtown College Prep prepares underachieving students who will be the first in their families to go to college to thrive at four-year universities. DCP has a singular goal for every student:

DCP graduates will enroll in and graduate from a four-year college.

11 Medal-small-2012 Silicon Valley Education Foundation
The mission of Silicon Valley Education Foundation is to leverage partnerships and resources for public education, so all students can realize their full potential.
12 Medal-small-2012 Aim High
The mission of Aim High is to inspire a life-long love of learning and instill a sense of community, opportunity, and respect so that students are prepared for success in school and life.
12 Medal-small-2012 Juma Ventures
Juma Ventures helps break the cycle of poverty by ensuring that young people complete a four-year college degree.
13 Medal-small-2012 Summer Search
The mission of Summer Search is to find resilient low-income high school students and inspire them to become responsible and altruistic leaders by providing year-round mentoring, life-changing summer experiences, college advising, and a lasting support network.
14 Medal-small-2012 BUILD
BUILD’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success.  Our program staff work with youth based on a set of Core Values and Guiding Principles.
15 Medal-small-2012 Beyond 12
Beyond 12 is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the number of low-income, first-generation and historically underrepresented students who graduate from our nation’s colleges and universities. Through a longitudinal student tracking platform and a personalized student coaching service, Beyond 12 helps high schools and colleges provide their students with the academic, social and emotional support they need to succeed in higher education.

Beyond 12’s vision is that one day, all students will have the opportunity to earn a college degree that provides them with meaningful economic and personal prospects. Their high schools will prepare them to handle the challenging academic, financial and social environment they will encounter in college. Once on campus, they will have the support they need to graduate with a valuable degree – one that allows them to provide for their families, contribute to society and break the cycle of poverty for the next generation. To realize this vision, Beyond 12 acts as a data and service bridge between our lower and higher education systems. By creating a critical feedback loop between high schools and colleges, Beyond 12 eliminates the artificial barriers between both systems and formalizes the sharing of data so students become better equipped to succeed at all levels of their educational journey.

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