Promising Start-Ups: National Workforce Development

A strong economy begins with a strong, well-educated workforce. -Bill Owens
A strong economy begins with a strong, well-educated workforce. -Bill Owens

Start-ups can hold the potential to offer innovative or new solutions to existing problems in a field. Therefore, we asked our experts to recommend start-up nonprofits working in their cause. We were interested in organizations that have already had an impact or that have high potential to have an impact in the future. Often, these organizations are just a few years old. How did we get these recommendations?

Year Founded Nonprofit Name Mission
1 2008 Restaurant Opportunities Center United
ROC-United is dedicated to winning improved conditions for restaurant workers everywhere.
2 2010 Emerald Cities Collaborative
The Emerald Cities Collaborative is a consortium of diverse organizations - businesses, unions, community organizations, development intermediaries, social justice advocates, and research and technical assistance providers - united around the goal of "greening" our metropolitan areas in high-road ways that advance equal opportunity, shared wealth, and democracy within them.
3 2009 National Center for Business Champions
Business Champions, Inc. builds the skills of our workforce by mobilizing the influence of business leaders to stimulate new thinking, strengthen political will, shape new policies, and strengthen systems with clear incentives so that more Americans have the opportunity to earn postsecondary degrees and credentials with genuine economic value.

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