Promising Start-Ups: National Education

Education is the transmission of civilization. -Will Durant
Education is the transmission of civilization. -Will Durant

Start-ups can hold the potential to offer innovative or new solutions to existing problems in a field. Therefore, we asked our experts to recommend start-up nonprofits working in their cause. We were interested in organizations that have already had an impact or that have high potential to have an impact in the future. Often, these organizations are just a few years old. How did we get these recommendations?

Year Founded Nonprofit Name Mission
1 2009 Teach Plus
The mission of Teach Plus is to improve the achievement of urban children by ensuring that a greater proportion of students have access to excellent, experienced teachers.

Half of new teachers leave urban classrooms within three years, just as they are beginning to have the strongest impact on student learning. We are giving effective teachers a reason to stay.
2 2010 Bellwether Education Partners
Bellwether Education Partners is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the achievement of low-income students by cultivating, advising, and placing a robust community of innovative, effective, and sustainable change agents in public education reform and improving the policy climate for their work.
3 2009 Blue Engine
Their mission is to harness the power of service to advance educational equity and excellence in America. During one-year terms of service, teams of Blue Engine Fellows—recent college graduates of all academic backgrounds—work to accelerate academic achievement in high-need public high schools. Their theory of change is rooted in evidence that increased academic rigor is the most effective way of helping students—especially those from low-income backgrounds—acquire the academic skills they will need to succeed in college and complete their degrees on time.

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