History and Accomplishments

We’ve only just begun!
Winter 2006 While working for the Gates Foundation, Howard Bornstein, Philanthropedia cofounder and chairman, comes up with the initial idea for surveying experts as a way to crowdsource nonprofit recommendations.
Winter 2007 Upon joining the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Howard teams up with Deyan Vitanov, Chris Herndon, and Erik Bengtsson to create the initial methodology and jumpstart Philanthropedia (at the time known as Nonprofit Knowledge Network).
Summer 2008 The Philanthropedia team carries out an initial pilot project in education to test the methodology. The experiment shows a lot of potential after attracting 39 experts who recommend 8 national education nonprofits.
Winter 2008 Philanthropedia completes its research team by adding Erinn Andrews and Dawn Kwan to lead expansion into future social causes and to continue developing the organization.
Summer 2009 Philanthropedia officially incorporates as a 501c3 organization and secures funding from the philanthropy program at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The research team completes research on climate change, microfinance, and Bay Area homelessness.
Winter 2009 Version 1 of the Philanthropedia website is released, featuring expert mutual funds for the first time. Here, top nonprofits from the same cause are bundled into a fund and donors can contribute to the entire fund. The allocation of funds for each nonprofit is determined by the experts. In just 60 days, donors give more than $10,000 to recommended nonprofits.
Spring 2010 The research team releases a whitepaper explaining the current research methodology and identifying improvements that will be used in future cause expansion. Philanthropedia also partners with GuideStar on their new initiative TakeAction, which aims to create a portal catering to donors.
Summer 2010 Philanthropedia expands into 9 new causes on by recruiting more than 1000 experts that recommend close to 200 nonprofits. Nikolay Kazmin and Petar Dobrev join the team full time to help develop version 2 of the Philanthropedia website.
Winter/Spring 2011 Philanthropedia is acquired by GuideStar. Philanthropedia will continue to run its research and expand into new causes with the support of GuideStar. Additionally, Philanthropedia management assumes new roles within GuideStar to help integrate the organizations most fully and successfully.

Philanthropedia is a division of GuideStar, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Through independent research, Philanthropedia has leveraged the wisdom of 3128 experts to provide reviews on 783 top nonprofits across 48 causes.