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What is Philanthropedia’s relationship with GuideStar?

In March 2011, GuideStar announced that it was acquiring Philanthropedia. Philanthropedia had been casually looking for a long-term home for their methodology. GuideStar has been a long-time Philanthropedia partner and supporter. In this new arrangement, Philanthropedia will continue to conduct its research, expanding into new causes and continue to improve its methodology. Additionally, Philanthropedia data will become more fully integrated with GuideStar’s database and made available to more users.

Do you take any part of my donation for operating costs?

No, Philanthropedia and GuideStar do not keep any part of your donation for operating costs. KIMBIA powers the donation page and does not take any part of your donation as a fee. Network for Good, our credit card processing partner, charges a mandatory 4.75% credit card fee which is subtracted from your donation.

How do you distribute funds to the nonprofits?

Our credit card transaction partner, Network for Good collects all donations and distributes them to the recipient nonprofits on the 15th of the following month.

How often do you update your lists of nonprofits?

We plan to refresh or re-run our research every two-three years.

Philanthropedia is a division of GuideStar, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Through independent research, Philanthropedia has leveraged the wisdom of 3128 experts to provide reviews on 783 top nonprofits across 48 causes.