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Expertise on Demand User Policies

Receiving & Processing Requests

We ask that the user be as specific as possible in explaining what they’d like to learn from the expert.

Users cannot make a "pitch" to the expert.

Finding an Expert Match

We will do our best to find an expert to answer the user’s question, but cannot guarantee a match.

Making the Connection

If a match has been made, a phone call is arranged between the user and expert. This phone call has a 30 minute time limit. The user must respect this time limit, and the expert is told to do so, as well. If the user abuses this policy, he/she might not be allowed to use the service in the future.

If the expert requests the content of the conversation remain private, the user must respect that wish. A violation of this policy might result in the user being banned from using the Expertise on Demand service in the future.

Gathering Feedback

The Expertise on Demand service is a benefit of GuideStar Membership. Users may also be asked to submit an evaluation form at the end of the process.

In addition, we will contact the user in 3 – 6 months to learn how this conversation may have affected their thinking or decision making.

After the phone call, Philanthropedia will ask the user to share some notes about the conversation if both parties agree it’s alright to make public the exchange.

Usage, Fees, & Confidentiality

Users may ask up to 5 questions per quarter. Users are not required to take the experts' advice.

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