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Expertise on Demand Expert Policies

Making the Connection

Experts may decline a request to answer a user’s question.

Experts are encouraged to strictly stick to the 30 minute phone call limit. If the user violates this agreement, the expert is encouraged to report this abuse to Philanthropedia.

The expert is encouraged to clearly state whether he/she is sharing his/her own personal belief/opinion, that of his/her organization, etc.

The expert may request that the conversation remain confidential between the user and the expert.

Experts will not be contacted more than 1/month to answer a user’s question. However, experts may request to be contacted more or less frequently and can always refuse to participate.

Gathering Feedback

At the end of the exchange with the user, we ask the expert to complete a very brief evaluation form so we can improve this process in the future.

In 3 – 6 months, Philanthropedia will do its best to report back to the expert about the impact their conversation had on that user.

Users are not required to take the experts' advice.


Experts are not paid for their involvement.

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