Custom Research

Uncover High-Impact Nonprofits in your Community

In addition to the research that we initiate, we conduct custom research commissioned by community foundations and other organizations to uncover the great work of local nonprofits. By enlisting our services, we produce high quality research that can be shared with donors in your community so more donations can be channeled to the outstanding nonprofits serving your citizens.

Because of our position as a neutral third party, we are able to collect candid information from experts within your community while still protecting their privacy. And, you will be able to use this information in any way that’s best for your donors and community.

Over a three-four month period, we conduct research on a handful of issue areas of great importance to our city, state, or region. We work with your organization(s) to choose which issue areas to research.

Contact infromation: If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Jasmine Marrow, at or 650-200-3705.

Examples of Custom Research: In 2011, we conducted custom research for the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners to uncover high-impact nonprofits at work in Minnesota in the areas of the environment and workforce development. In early 2012, we contracted a second time to conduct research on two new areas for Minnesota Philanthropy Partners: access to healthy food and access to arts and culture.

The results of this research can be found through this Minnesota Philanthropy Partners publication online and in print:

Learn more: Click here to view a detailed presentation on the benefits and the process of the Philanthropedia Custom Research product.

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