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Press Release: 11 Top Microfinance Nonprofits Identified by 72 Experts

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“I’ve seen the power of microfinance all over the world in the eyes of mothers and fathers. It’s unmistakable—the joy and deep satisfaction they feel from being able to work hard and provide for their children and their future.”—Rich Stearns,  President of World Vision U.S.

 Most of the world’s poor lack access to basic financial services that would help them manage their assets and generate income. This is especially true for the 900 million extremely poor people who live in rural areas of developing countries. Microfinance has become a powerful tool for fighting poverty through more than just lending and asset management. Iterations of microfinance include savings, insurance, and many more supportive services. (Source: International Fund for Agricultural Development)

Over the past two months, Philanthropedia surveyed 77 experts working in the field of international microfinance (with an average of 16 years of work experience in the field) to identify those organizations that were making the biggest positive impact in international microfinance.

Who participated in this research?

Philanthropedia’s experts (funders, researchers, nonprofit senior staff, consultants, etc.) identified  11 top nonprofits (out of 119 total reviewed nonprofits) making an impact at the international level. Below is a graphical representation of who participated in our research. You can also see who our experts were by clicking here.



Which nonprofits were among the top?

Experts were asked to recommend up to four high-impact nonprofits and up to two promising start-up nonprofits doing excellent work in the field of international microfinance. They were asked to consider a range of nonprofits working in the sector. Recommendations could include direct service providers, research organizations, peer-to-peer platforms, monitoring and evaluation organizations, and other types of nonprofits. For-profit microfinance programs, such as member-owned organizations, formal financial institutions, and informal financial service providers were specifically excluded from this research.

The following is the list of the expert-identified high-impact nonprofits working in international microfinance. Click the link to visit each organizations profile and read expert reviews. Experts have commented on each nonprofit’s impact, other organizational strengths, and how each organization could further improve.

Top 11 International Microfinance Nonprofits
Grameen Foundation
Pro Mujer
Freedom From Hunger
Opportunity International
FINCA International
Women’s World Banking

We invite you to visit the profiles of each of these top organizations on our website to read the expert reviews here. Experts commented on the impact each nonprofit has had, what the nonprofit’s other organizational strengths are, and how each organization could further improve.

We will be highlighting the top 8 high-impact national nonprofits working in this field through our blog and Twitter, so stay tuned!

We also invite your feedback. Please tell us what you think and what experiences you’ve had with these

great organizations! You can reach Jasmine Marrow, Manager of Philanthropedia Research at

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