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Minnesota Workforce Development Expert-Identified Nonprofit Countdown: Highlighting Nonprofits #6-10

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Of course, there are more than just 5 workforce development organizations making a major impact on the workforce development scene in Minnesota. Here is some more information about the great work and impact expert-identified nonprofits #6-10 are making.

#6 Charles K Blandin Foundation

The Blandin Foundation has strengthened rural communities across Minnesota through leadership development programs, broadband internet access, and other workforce development activities. Read more about them here.

#7 Twin Cities Rise

Twin Cities Rise invests heavily in the training and coaching of low-income individuals, ultimately placing its participants in career-track jobs that earn a living wage and benefits. The organization has both an immediate impact on the people it serves and a long-term, systemic impact on the community through changing attitudes.  Read more about them here.

#8 Workforce Development Inc

WDI has made a major impact in southeastern Minnesota by helping thousands of job seekers during the recession, building strong collaborative partnerships, applying for federal funding for regional workforce initiatives, and developing innovative workforce development programs that meet business needs. Read more about them here.

#9 Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council

The SW MN PIC successfully trains and places individuals into high-demand jobs that allow them to earn a living wage and become self-sufficient. They have developed innovative sector initiatives around energy and healthcare. Read more about them here.

#10 RESOURCE, Inc.

RESOURCE effectively serves individuals with a variety of barriers to employment, including disabled, low-income, and youth populations. Read more about them here.

And there’s so much more! View our entire list of expert-identified workforce development nonprofits in Minnesota here: and dig deeper to review what experts had to say about each organization. These organizations are doing important work to provide and create jobs and employment in Minnesota, so please consider donating to them to show your support. You can feel confident that your donation is going to support an outstanding group of nonprofits making a real impact in workforce development in Minnesota.


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