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Project for Pride in Living (PPL): #2 Expert-Identified Workforce Development Nonprofit in Minnesota

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Our #2 workforce development nonprofit, Project for Pride in Living has helped numerous people with acquiring new skills and increasing their chances to obtain a job. Learn Angela’s story here:

Angela was a regular at PPL’s Computer Access Lab, learning basic computer skills, improving her typing, creating a resume, and eventually searching and applying for jobs online. When she received a call for a job interview, Angela scheduled a mock interview with PPL staff to help her prepare. Now Angela has a great job, and she’s thankful for the training she got from PPL that got her ready for it.

 (Read more success stories here:

According to our experts, PPL has changed the lives of thousands of families in disadvantaged communities through its package of job training, education, housing, and financial services. The organization’s employment training programs are customized to reflect their participants’ cultural backgrounds, and the skills they teach apply directly to career fields such as healthcare and banking.  Read more reviews from workforce development experts here to learn more about the great work PPL is doing.

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