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HIRED: #3 Expert-Identified Workforce Development Nonprofit in Minnesota

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Have you ever been worried that your skill sets are too narrow and don’t know what to do when your type of job or industry is closing down? Learn how HIRED helped Lynette Carlson acquire more skills to improve her job opportunities.

Lynette Carlson had been employed at SUPERVALU for more than 19 years when she learned that her job as a customer service representative in the IT department was being eliminated. The instability and uncertainty associated with unemployment was frightening enough, but what she feared most was that her skills would be too job-specific and she wouldn’t find a position that challenged her.

Diane Henderson, a counselor in HIRED’s Brooklyn Park office, focused on Lynette’s customer service experience and her “very strong organizational skills and an unabashed willingness to try new things.” Diane recommended two computer skills courses to round out Lynette’s IT background, and a class on being a leader and supervisor, which Lynette is quick to point out, has helped her develop more confidence as a manager. A temporary job at Laneco, a small janitorial service company in Brooklyn Park, was enough to show the project supervisor what Lynette could do. She was eventually offered a full-time position as the company’s Operation’s Manager.

Since leaving HIRED’s dislocated worker program, Lynette has taken the initiative to enroll in Spanish language courses to improve her ability to communicate with some of the employees. In addition to continuing her language courses, Lynette is currently looking into taking small business courses. Lynette said, “When you lose your job in mid-career, you never dream this kind of opportunity will be available. HIRED has helped me challenge myself in new ways that are very rewarding. I have a lot of responsibility here at Laneco, and I really enjoy having the opportunity to work within many facets of the company.”

(Read more about the work that HIRED has done in Minnesota at:

According to our experts, HIRED is a regional leader in workforce development. Their high-quality programming and partnerships enable thousands of people annually to enter the workforce, including low-income, youth, immigrant, and refugee populations. Read more reviews from Minnesota workforce development experts here to learn more about the work HIRED is doing in Minnesota.


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