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Catholic Relief Services (CRS): #7 Expert-Identified Nonprofits for International Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

January 19th, 2012 by dawn Leave a reply »

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) came in at #7 on the list. They offer long term interventions in sustained water supplies for domestic, productive, and environmental purposes to benefit people living in poverty. Reading the following story about their work.


Clean water means better health, especially for young children. In emergency situations, access to clean water and a functioning sanitation infrastructure enables people to stay healthy while they cope during these stressful periods. Better water management in normal times allows communities to sustain or even improve the quantity and quality of their water sources, which means higher crop yields and healthier animals.


CRS partners with groups ranging from local governments and community water associations to international organizations such as Caritas on projects designed to improve water supplies for domestic, productive, and environmental purposes in the poorest of the world’s communities. Guided by the belief that everyone has the right to live a healthy, productive life with dignity, we help the poor gain access to adequate water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation, agriculture, industry, and other uses. In 2008, some 80 CRS projects East Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia, and Southeast Asia focused at least in part on water and sanitation.

(Learn more about them here: )


The Catholic Relief Services have effective, comprehensive, and integrative programs. For example one expert noted that their approach in central America is very effective, and another highlighted that CRS has been able to integrate WASH initiatives into their work with other development sectors. They work closely with local partners and has paved the way for collaborative work with other sectors both internally and externally. They also have a good, long track record of helping communities in need. Read more reviews from experts here to learn more about them.


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