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9 High-Potential Environmental Start-Up Nonprofits in Minnesota Identified by Experts!

October 27th, 2011 by dawn Leave a reply »

Start-ups can hold the potential to offer innovative or new solutions to existing problems in a field. Therefore, we asked our experts to recommend start-up nonprofits working in their cause. We were interested in organizations that have already had an impact or that have high potential to have an impact in the future. Often, these organizations are just a few years old.

Which start-up nonprofits were the top?

You can read more about each of the start-up nonprofit, in particular what problems they are trying to solve, what innovative approach they are using to solve the problem, and what impact have they had so far, and also what experts had to say about that nonprofit at:

If you are an expert, nonprofit organization, or individual, we invite your feedback on our research. You can reach Dawn Kwan, Manager of Philanthropedia Research at


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