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Expert-Identified Animal Rights and Welfare Nonprofit Countdown: Highlighting Nonprofits #9-15

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In addition to the organizations highlighted above, there are many more nonprofits that are advocating for animal rights in the United States. These 7 other expert-identified nonprofits were noted for their high impact work.

#9 Animal Legal Defense Fund

Since its founding, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has done exceptional work in the area of animal law and has broadened its base both in attorney involvement and in reaching out to law schools and laws students. The organization also does top notch litigation and has very strong leaders- including the founder who still works for the organization but passed along the helm to another very capable and talented leader. According to experts, they were the first and are still the premier organization focused on the legal system with relation to animal issues. Read more about them here.

#10 Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals conducts investigations of farms and slaughterhouses and creates a great deal of awareness when the media picks up on these stories. They also have a very consistent and large grassroots effort to educate individuals about factory farming with consistent outreach in many of the largest metropolitan areas on the U.S. Read more about them here.

#11 Humane Alliance of WNC (Humane Alliance)

Humane Alliance of WNC is responsible for setting the gold standard for high quality high volume low cost spay/neuter programs. They captured and documented the critical elements of their success and have been willing to share this from day one. They continued to improve when they built a national training center and secured the funding partnerships to ensure that organizations across the country would have the opportunity to take advantage of this model. Dozens of high impact clinics have opened across the country as a result. Read more about them here.

#12 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd has been effective at focusing worldwide attention and significant action on the plight of whales in particular, even while under pressure from foreign governments. Decades ago Greenpeace was the leader in this field, and they have been surpassed, at least in terms of impact, by Sea Shepherd, according to experts. Read more about them here.

#13 New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS)

The New England Anti-Vivisection Society has been extremely effective in assessing the use of animals in research from a scientific perspective. Rather than focusing entirely on the ethics of using animals in research, they are assessing whether such practices are actually effective at producing improved medical treatment for humans. Additionally, the organization has been quite effective at raising awareness for animal rights issues. Read more about them here.

#14 Society for Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA)

According to experts, the Society of Animal Welfare Executives is the industry leader for professionals in the animal welfare field.  They set best practices, provide valuable networking and problem solving opportunities on an international level, and provide valuable resources such as training opportunities.  Their Certified Animal Welfare Administrator program is the gold standard and recognized as a means to identify leaders in this field. Read more about them here.

#15 Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)

The Center for Biological Diversity educates the public about threats facing species, has a sound scientific basis, and brings legal action on behalf of species in need. The Center files lawsuits to save endangered species and their habitat and hundreds of thousands of acres of land have been saved as a result of their work. Read more about them here.


Remember, these top 15 organizations are only a few of the great animal welfare nonprofits! View our entire list of expert-identified animal rights and welfare nonprofits in the United States here: and dig deeper to review what experts had to say about each organization. These organizations are doing important advocacy work on behalf of pets as well as domesticated and wild animals, so please consider donating to them to show your support. You can feel confident that your donation is going to support an outstanding group of nonprofits making a real impact in communities across the nation.

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