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6 Ways to Celebrate the Spirit of Giving Back this Holiday Season

December 22nd, 2010 by dawn Leave a reply »

Celebrate the spirit of the season by giving back! Here are some ideas about different ways you can give back this holiday season.

1. Donate to a cause you care about- Make an online donation to the best nonprofits out there with the help of Philanthropedia’s recommendations. Philanthropedia crowd-sources experts’ opinions to help you identity the top nonprofits in the social causes you care about. These nonprofits are the best at fighting climate change, increasing the quality of education, supporting the homeless, and solving many pressing social problems. Learn more and make a donation here.

2. Give a Philanthropedia charitable gift card- If you are thinking about buying material gifts for your family and friends, consider giving a charitable gift card instead. Charitable gift cards are great gifts because they are eco-friendly, cheap, personally tailored, and support great nonprofits. Buy a Philanthropedia gift card now!

3. Donate things you don’t need- Pack a box of toys, clothes, or other items and bring it over to your nearest GoodWill. GoodWill is a great organization that collects your unwanted items and makes them available to others at a low cost. GoodWill has the seal of approval from our experts as a top nonprofit working to solve workforce development problems in the U.S. Read more about the great work GoodWill does here, or to find the nearest GoodWill donation site to you, enter your zip-code here.

4. Support the victims of this year’s largest natural disasters- The victims of the Haiti earthquake, Pakistan flood, and Indonesia tsunami this year are still struggling. For example, the recent cholera outbreak killed more than 500 people in Haiti, and people still cannot return to their homes in Pakistan. Please consider lending your support to them by donating to expert recommended nonprofits through our disaster relief mutual funds.

5. Volunteer your time- There are great nonprofit organizations where you can volunteer your time this holiday season. This could be a great field trip opportunity to share with your family or friends. Check out for volunteer opportunities near you!

6. Use GoodSearch as your search toolbar- When shopping for holiday gifts online this season, surf the Internet with For every web search you make, an estimate of $0.01 is generated for the charity of your choice. So enter Philanthropedia’s name on the homepage to help support our future research.  Start searching with GoodSearch now!

Whether you are making a donation, giving a charitable gift card, donating things you don’t need, supporting the disaster relief victims, volunteering your time, or using GoodSearch as your search toolbar, your actions are helping others less fortunate than you, and you can feel confident that you are making an impact this giving season.


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