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Bay Area Homelessness Top Nonprofit Countdown: Highlighting Nonprofits #6-10

October 16th, 2010 by Erinn Andrews Leave a reply »

Of course, there are more than just 5 nonprofits making a major impact in the Bay Area on homelessness. Here is some more information about the great work and impact top nonprofits #6-10 are making.

#6 First Place for Youth

First place for Youth works to ensure that all foster youth throughout the state of California have the opportunity to experience a safe, supported transition from foster care.  Ninety-eight percent of all First Place for Youth participants avoided homelessness. Seventy-nine percent of eligible youth obtained employment with an average wage of $9.73/hour. Seventy-three percent exited with their high school diploma or equivalent (compared to 55% nationally.) And 100% of participants secured health care while in the program. Ninety percent of participants report that they feel their Youth Advocate is there to support them. Read more about them here.

#7 Homeless Prenatal Program

Over 90% of HPP’s clients’ children are born with a normal birth weight. Ninety five percent of the HPP’s clients’ babies are born drug free. Over 300 families are placed in permanent housing each year. Read more about them here.

#8 Glide

Glide provides 750,000 meals per year through their community clinic which serves more than 3,000 homeless people. They provided over 100,000 hours of licensed childcare and quality after-school programming to over 325 clients in 2007. They provided emergency supplies to 2,190 individuals in 2006. And they booked 5,707 shelter beds and helped 120 homeless persons move into permanent housing in 2007. Read more about them here.

#9 Shelter Network of San Mateo County

In fiscal year 2006-2007, Shelter Network of San Mateo County provided over 183,000 nights of shelter and served over 3,500 homeless children and adults. Over 97% of families and single adults who complete Shelter Network programs succeed in returning to permanent housing. Read more about them here.

#10 The Hamilton Family Center

The Hamilton Family Center provides shelter and transitional housing to up to 70 families each night and provides essential services to over 100 recently homeless families, now living in permanent housing. Each year they serve 100,000 meals. Read more about them here.

And there’s so much more! View our entire list of top 13 Bay Area homelessness nonprofits here: and dig deeper to review what experts had to say about each organization. Especially if you are a Bay Area resident, add homelessness to your list of great causes to support this holiday season. You can feel confident that your donation is going to support an outstanding group of nonprofits making a real difference in homelessness.

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