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Natural Resources Defense Council: #4 High Impact Nonprofit in the Bay Area for Climate Change

September 28th, 2010 by Erinn Andrews Leave a reply »

In order to celebrate the outstanding, high-impact, effective nonprofits that our large group of experts recommended, we are highlighting the top 5 nonprofits working on climate change in the Bay Area. The Natural Resources Defense Council came in at #4 on the list. We wanted to hear from someone who has been involved with the NRDC.

Here’s a review of the NRDC by a monthly donor and someone self-described as having “incorporated environmental practices in his own life and encouraged others to do the same.”

The NRDC is an organization that is a positive and effective voice in environmental policy. They have a great website where they keep you updated on government issues dealing with the environment. You can send messages to your representatives through their site. It’s very easy, and from looking at results, also has an impact. They also have plenty of information on how to improve your own personal environmental choices and how to get involved in your community. They are highly rated by organizations such as Charity Navigator, so if you donate, you know your money is being spent correctly. I’ve seen the results of this organization how it makes complex government issues easier to understand, being a true advocate for change in environmental policy, and bringing a variety of ideas to the table on how to better our world both on a personal level and as a whole. What I’ve enjoyed the most about my experience with this nonprofit is how easy it is to stay on top of environmental news and how easy it is to get involved and donate. The communications I have received from the NRDC have been organized, intelligent, and have inspired me to act. I would like to see this organization continue its great work in protecting our environment and advocating change in destructive policies which harm every living being.

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From clarifying issues, to bringing about change, to getting involved in your community, NRDC is leading the way. You can feel confident about supporting this top nonprofit.

Read more reviews from climate change experts here to learn more about the great work the NRDC is doing.

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